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“Jared has a deep understanding of communities and communicates it beautifully in his weekly newsletter. ”

Tyler DenkCo-Founder & CEO at Beehiiv

“Some of the fastest-growing companies I've seen have been masters at collaboration. Jared's newsletter the Collab helps unlock this growth strategy for Founders and Go-To-Market Leaders so they can put it into action in their companies. Love it!”

Andrew GazdeckiFounder and CEO of

“Hey man - wanted to say that I've been really enjoying your newsletter!

Very relevant topic for us and it already drove some interesting internal discussions and potential initiatives.

Keep going!”

Gal AgaCEO of Aligned

“Jared is my go-to guy for EVERYTHING communities. Big fan of his newsletter!”

Jay YangFounder Jay Yang Inspires Media

“Few people really have a knack for running a community like Jared. Watched him scale RevGenius to 40k+ in short order and then launch this newsletter telling how he did it. For a founder, that’s an invaluable resource.”

Troy OsinoffCo-Founder @ Zurp + JUICE // GP @ MAGIC Fund

“Jared is creating another attention.”

Mathew SchultzHead of Procurement at Forrester

“Clearly, the Collab been adding incredible value to many! Joining the community already helped me increase my followers by 700%”

Tenisha GriggsFounder & CEO at 37X Digital Marketing Agency

“Clear, concise, and consumable: Everything I want in a newsletter, with the added bonus that its content is full of great ideas for GTM teams to drive their businesses forward. Plus, the vibes are right ;)”

Rebecca MarshburnHead of Community at Common Room