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1-2-3: The Conference Flywheel Effect

1 Idea, 2 Resources, 3 Tools For This Week.

Following RevCon, I spoke at Ambition’s Peak Conference this week. It was incredible.

Conference season seems to get longer every year.

I noticed conferences and in-person events in general provide another opportunity for community building. Which I love.

Yet, following conferences, I often just get a barrage of sales emails and LinkedIn requests.

Missing is a facilitated continuation of the conference community.

We now are at 468 ‘The Community’ Readers.

Let’s dive into how we can improve this together.

The Big Idea

The Conference Flywheel Effect.

Who: Speakers from RevGenius’ RevCon Digital Conference

What: ‘RevGenius Experts in Residence’

Where: Private RevGenius Slack channel & email list

Why: Build off RevCon with the stellar speakers we have, creating a conference flywheel effect

What is the Conference Flywheel?


  1. Engagement - more community webinar registrations + sponsor registrations

  2. Acquisition - Having more profound speakers closer with our community as a part of a unique program and encouraged to evangelize the community, events, and program, we can have them direct folks to signing up (through events or directly to RevGenius)

  3. Revenue - we can partner with these folks in an affiliate/referrer capacity to drive revenue with their network to us. We can give 10% of closed business+

  4. Activation - will guiding new members to roundtables with actual experts help them reach the ‘a ha’ moment faster? Something to test


Bring together an exclusive group (40-ish to start) of valued RevCon speakers to shape RevGenius (‘RG’) community content, in order to increase value to our members and build more meaningful relationships. 

By having this group contribute once a quarter, we hope to give members an opportunity to influence our content roadmap while providing industry knowledge and best practices, along with strengthening our partnerships with their organizations.


  • Build a content flywheel off of RevCon + build community with RevCon speakers

  • Increase attendance of ‘community’ events and membership in RevGenius by having a group of experts with a vested interest in the program

  • Offer networking and professional development opportunities

Expert in Residence Member Benefits

Recognition & Visibility

  • RevGenius team will amplify your social content + RG event content

  • Regular Speaking opportunities or visibility activities as appropriate (articles, videos, social highlights)

  • Announce membership in LinkedIn bio 

  • Recognized as a select member of ‘Experts in Residence’ program

Influence & Knowledge

  • Core part of content strategy within the RG community

  • Direct lines to executives within RevGenius org

  • Access (both asynchronous and in-meeting) to Members of Expert in Residence Program for feedback & workshopping

Premier Partnership Access

  • Account mapping & mutual intro’s

  • Access to the highest tier of our influencer program

  • (10%) revenue on new business 

  • (5%) revenue for influencing open ops 


As an ‘Expert in Residence’ member, we ask that you actively participate & engage with us throughout the length of your tenure. Of course, we understand that all of these things might not be feasible. The goal here is to establish a healthy partnership between RevGenius and the Member’s organization for mutual benefit.


  • Speak at 1 event per quarter & join the expert’s slack channel.

  • Announce your membership formally on LinkedIn (copy will be provided upon request)

  • Participate in quarterly social push

  • “On-call” for advocacy opportunities and feedback: 

    • Provide content feedback to RevGenius Marketing team

Want to see more details on how to build a conference flywheel?

Reply to this email and let me know!

2 Resources

I. Redefining ROI for B2B Marketers:

Sangram Vajre, Founder & CEO of GTM Partners opens RevCon with his keynote on redefining ROI for B2B Marketers. (watch here)

II. Dark Funnel Uncovered:

Kevin White, Marketing and Demand at Common Room discusses how your go-to-market team can tap into the dark funnel. They can find opportunities to drive pipeline in it. And it can be measured to show the impact on investment. (watch here)

3 Tools

I. Clay

I’ve been close with the Clay team and have used their product to do some super creative things. Combine 50+ data providers, real-time scraping, and AI to send 1-1 personalized campaigns that book more meetings. (try it)

Smartlead.ai is ushering in the new era of Outbound. All the best at cold emailing swear by it. I’m personally going to test it to scale acquisition for this newsletter. (try it)

Summarize.tech allows you to look up any video on YouTube and they will summarize it for you. (try it)

Thanks for reading!

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Until next week,


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