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Last week I announced that I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new (side hustle) position as Evangelist at Sidebar!

There are a lot of communities, but Sidebar has built something that hits differently from anything I've built or seen in the space.

The team and community are the smartest (and kindest) in the space. They've built the biggest companies and solved some of the hardest challenges in tech.

Out of seemingly 100k communities, why is Sidebar needed?

Because I personally don't have any professional groups that act as my own board of directors and hold me accountable to my goals.

I need this; and I couldn't find it. I know I'm not the only one.

Here's why they're unique:

Sidebar helps you build your own 'Personal board of directors' with:

1. Matching / Quality of Matching for micro-groups: by years of experience, stage of company, leader scope (to do matching) AI + human driven. High density of tech leaders.

2. Programming: help deal with day to day problems at their job that are tricky and hard through 3-year structured programs. Every 2-weeks you know exactly what you’re going to work on. Set annual goals and have programming to support them.

It's the difference between a gym and personal trainer. Focused on driving impact (and measuring it).

3. Facilitation: world class facilitators -  extensive learning and development backgrounds. The goal of facilitation is to hold space to deliver value. Everyone helps one another.

4. Accountability: holding you accountable to your goals.

I am so amped to level myself up. I'd love to find others who want to join me.

The Big Idea

5 Most Popular Collab Playbooks

Wanted to take this newsletter to share the 5 most popular newsletters the Collab has produced since it’s relatively recent inception:

  1. From Audience to Movement → How Beehiiv is poised to build community.

  2. Sendoso 'Sendfluencer' Case Study → Interview with Katie Penner of Sendoso on the success of their ambassador program.

  3. Clay's GTM Creator Playbookincredible interview with Tommy Colitsas, Growth Marketing at Clay, unpacking their complete playbook with creators and partners/experts.

  4. How HockeyStack Built the Netflix for B2B Marketers → Interview with Obaid Durrani former Head of Content for Hockeystack on building a content strategy for their meteoric rise.

  5. Collaborative Growth Has ArrivedThe go-to-market organization is shifting; even more than many realize. Collaborative Growth is needed to win today.

2 Posts

I. Announcing my Sidebar Evangelist role.

II. Community is evolving. Collaborative Growth is the ‘new community’.

3 Tools

I. Docket

AI sales engineer platform designed to support GTM teams at the enterprise level by providing them with critical answers across every stage of your sales process. Check it out.

II. Fathom

The award winning AI Notetaker that records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings so you can focus on the conversation. It was recently named #1 Highest Satisfaction product of 2024 by G2 out of 100,000+ products. Check it out.

III. Replicate

Replicate Labs enhances your sales effectiveness through AI-powered roleplay, real-world call scoring, and targeted constructive feedback, while also quantifying its impact on your business with real results, not just surveys. Check it out.

All 3 tools this week were featured at RevGenius’ Demo Days.

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