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1-2-3: Brianna Doe, Katie Penner, and Jess Ramos Talk B2B Influencers

1 Idea, 2 Resources, 3 Collaborators For This Week.

Happy Saturday!

The Collab will hit 4k subscribers this weekend. Let’s go!

This week RevGenius executed Part 2 of our LinkedIn Takeover.

The feedback was that we took over LinkedIn.

Some early metrics: Around 150 people posted on LinkedIn this Wednesday, following 100 the Friday before.

If you estimate 2,500 average impressions per post we were at 625k combined impressions.

The campaign will continue throughout the year and will be an evolution of RevGenius. It is truly collaborative growth in action.

Next week I’m going to unpack this movement further.

For today, I got a chance to sit down with 3 powerhouse ladies to chat about b2b influencers and driving success.

The full interview will release next week. I’ll link below to sign up to receive the replay.

Let’s dive in.

The Big Idea

How to Collaborate with B2B Influencers on a successful campaign

Friday I sat down with 3 major players in the b2b influencer space:

Brianna Doe, Co-Founder at Verbatim, a marketing and personal branding studio, Jess Ramos, Founder at Big Data Energy Analtyics, and Katie Penner, Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso.

We talked about a ton; but one important thing that really stood out was them unpacking what a successful B2B influencer campaign looked like.

Brianna andJess unpacked this based on being hired to influence companies (be the collaborator).


Let's break down a successful B2B influencer marketing campaign that you've been a part of and what made it successful. 


I would say one of the most successful b2b influencer marketing campaigns that I've been a part of, not as the marketer, but as the content creator was successful for a few reasons:

  1. Everything we just talked about in terms of creative freedom, I think there's a lot of fear from a brand that won't let you have creative freedom.

    They want to be able to drive results and make sure they drive success. And so when I was able to work with this brand, it was a lot different. 

  2. They basically told me what their goals were, gave me some context. A creative brief and some information, and then just told me to create what I thought my audience would like.

    And having that freedom to be able to work with their marketing team really collaboratively made it one an incredibly successful campaign.

    But also it just made me like the brand more. It made me want to work with them more. It made me more invested in the content I was creating. And one thing that I think was really important about that campaign or program, too, was that it wasn't just a one off partnership.

  3. They were really focused on building a long term partnership and to build trust long term with my audience.

    And so knowing that going into the campaign and program with them, I didn't have to worry so much about negotiating every time or try to make sure that I was proving my value. I was able to just focus on the content and just focus on making sure that we were aligned on their goals.

    And so I think that's one thing that's really important to remember as the brand or the marketer working on it. The longer term you can think about your partnerships, the more success you'll start to see, not just with your audience, but with the influencers that you work with, with the content that you're creating and with the overall strategy.


Yeah. I love everything Bri said. And the thing that I was really going to talk about, too, was having a longer term partnership

This one company, I've been working with them for about five months now, and it's just been a really great relationship because we signed about five months at a time, so I wasn't having to be stressed about renegotiating. 

There's not as much pressure on this one single post because we all know social media algorithms are constantly changing. You're trying to keep up with your audience and all the trends, you're trying to get as creative as possible. And sometimes things fall flatter than expected.

So when there's just one post, it puts so much pressure on that one post because you want to go viral, you want to get thousands of likes and views for that client, but that's not always possible. 

So having that longer term relationship, it puts less pressure on one single thing to bring all the value, and it focuses more on bringing incremental value with each one.

And I've noticed over time, long term, over these past five months, my brand has become a lot more associated with this company. 

So now people kind of see me posting about them and they already know who this company is. 

And Bri said it (before), people have to see a company 7 to 13 times before they really think about engaging and maybe buying their product.

So I think it's just a really great strategy to do those longer term partnerships because you get your company out there many times and then you start to really grow an association with that trusted influencer. And they've given me creative freedom as well, which is amazing. We love to have creative freedom with our content, so we can best align the sponsored post to our audience.

Sign up here to watch the full interview when released.

2 Resources

I. RevGenius Next 50 Creators List

The Next 50 list features the next generation of creators, the new faces shaping how GTM will look tomorrow. We can only change the narrative together, when we collaborate. Let’s shine a spotlight on the NEXT.​
Meet the future of GTM and join the movement!

II. US chipmaker Nvidia hits $2tn value amid artificial intelligence boom

I’ve been so bullish on Nvidia (I’m not the only one). Nvidia hit a stock market valuation of $2tn on Friday as the US chipmaker capitalizes on the artificial intelligence boom.

An extraordinary surge of the company’s shares had already propelled it past Amazon and Alphabet, the owner of Google and YouTube, to become the third largest in America. Read more in the Guardian.

3 Collaborators

Ademola is Head of Video Production at Reveal and CEO at A2 Media. He specializes in helping B2B SaaS Marketers transform video viewers into buyers. His unique style is (finally) making B2B content cool.(follow him on LinkedIn)

Amanda is the Founding Account Executive at AudiencePlus. She is helping to build the owned media category. She’s a self proclaimed “startup princess,” sales pro, and content lover. (follow her on LinkedIn).

Angela is a content creator, community builder, storyteller, and personal brand strategist. She collaborates with brands to boost their visibility and credibility. A fresh voice in the B2B world, she’s definitely the one to follow! (follow her on LinkedIn)

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Reply to this email and let us know what you’d like to see more. And a big thank you to all who made it to this point.

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