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1-2-3: How RevGenius Generated Over 1.2 Million Impressions Last Week

1 Idea, 2 Posts, 3 Tools For This Week.

Happy Saturday to the 4k readers of the Collab!

Going to be testing some new direction with the newsletter.

If you are a Seed to Series A/B Founder or GTM Leader (or those that collaborate with them), this newsletter is written for you.

It’s who I know best and talk to regularly and know I can have the biggest impact on with the content here. That’s not to say other folks won’t get value out of this, they absolutely will.

I’m also rolling out a new 1,2,3 format: 1 Big Idea, 2 LinkedIn Posts, 3 Tools to try (all targeted to early stage Founders and GTM Leaders)

I sense that this will speak to my audience better.

Let me know how it lands.

Let’s dive in.

The Big Idea

How RevGenius Generated Over 1.2 Million Impressions Last Week

Last week RevGenius rolled out our Next 50 Movement.

'Next' is RevGenius' curated lists of emerging Creators and Startups in SaaS Go-to-Market.

We started the movement by featuring a list of Next 50 GTM Creators.

The goal was to build a list of diverse GTM pros that weren’t on traditional lists, but had immense potential.

And we finished the week with an estimated 1.8 million impressions.

How did this create such buzz and hype?

1. We started with a purpose:

Inspired by redundancy of winners (read: frequently the same white men) and lack of actual ‘connection’ of award winners to the masses, RevGenius set out to create something different.

Something that featured the actual ‘Next’ top talent in SaaS GTM and not the same old (lacking diversity) people.

This list features emerging talent (in the Creator case, under 2 years of posting actively on social).

People really were able to rally behind this.

We added a slogan capitalizing on this - ‘Out with the old. In with the Next’ and even borrowed a cool emoji ⏭ signifying it was time ‘to go to the next track’.

2. We asked a TON of people for feedback:

I posted on LinkedIn and in RevGenius Slack weekly searching for the next top talent.

People tagged tons of people that previously weren’t on my radar. This was an opportunity to be seen by a much larger audience (our community has 40k+ people).

By getting the larger LinkedIn and RevGenius communities involved, it made everyone feel like they had a seat at the table. We were clear that our intentions were to build a list that was of newer and diverse talent.

We also reached out to our incredible personal advisors for feedback and direction and to make sure we were being aligned with the movement.

That’s easy to rally behind. In fact, people were getting extremely excited for this breathe of fresh air.

3. We found leaders who wanted to help support the Movement:

We gathered a group of raving fans (about 150) who supported this movement.

The ‘Next’ name and purpose really resonated with people. It felt new, fresh, and accessible and people wanted in!

We ‘housed’ them in a LinkedIn DM group until they outgrew it and moved them to a Slack channel in the broader RevGenius Slack.

The Friday before the list was to be released (nobody but the Next 50 knew who was on it), they were set free on social - 100 ambassadors ended up posting.

Quite a few established GTM leaders who wanted to support the movement joined adding extra credibility.

Even more people would become ambassadors between Friday and Wednesday when the list released.

4. The People we picked for the list were energized!

People that are coming up tend to have a lot of hunger, gratitude, and lean in extremely hard.

On the day the list was revealed they went all out.

I believe we gave them a lot of value in recognizing and appreciating their contributions and focusing just on them.

Supporting emerging talent is something I’ve held close to my heart personally since my days running an emerging fashion magazine.

On the day the lists were revealed the ambassadors and creators were responsible for close to 150 posts on LinkedIn.


We exceeded expectations as we collaborated with everyone in this movement.

From LinkedIn audiences and RevGenius community members, to ambassadors and award winners, making everyone feel like they had a stake in this movement.

Always make it about the people first and foremost. There was (and still is) a need for emerging talent to be recognized. We built a whole movement recognizing only emerging talent.

If you build a movement that supports the people, you will have collaborators ready to work with you to win collectively.


  • RevGenius Linkedin  - 12,000 (Impressions generated for posts in the Next campaign week)

  • Slack - 2,800 impressions (estimated based on 90 day averages)

  • Email opens - 9000 (from 1 email)

  • Average impressions generated per person (Used RevGenius team for the data sample below) = 7,600 (rounded down to 5,000)

  • Impressions generated by 240 folks = 1.2M

  • Reached audience of 6 Million on our 3 prominent community channles: LinkedIn, Slack, and Email

What’s Next?

We are featuring Next 50 SaaS GTM Startups in our next campaign. Must be Series A or earlier.*

We are off to a running start with over 400 form fills and probably over double that in post tags.

Out with the old. In with the Next. ⏭

2 Posts

I. Personal Brand > Content You Post

II. Focus

3 Tools

I. Letterdrop

B2B Content Marketing. Understand what content is driving revenue. Create and distribute more of it to in-market buyers across SEO, LinkedIn, and sales enablement. Parthi, their co-founder is legit. Check it out.

II. Warmly

Reveal individuals and companies visiting your site. Automate personalized outreach to them through email, LinkedIn, and chat. Start seeing ROI in minutes. Big fan of Alan and Max, co-founders. Check it out.

III. Amplemarket

AI platform driving prospecting and sales engagement. From Enrichment to outreach, email to LinkedIn to phone, and everything in between. Outreach & Salesloft have dominated this space, but Amplemarket is doing something unique with it. Mica has been a friend for a while; awesome founder! Check it out.

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Until next week,


Reply to this email and let us know what you’d like to see more. And a big thank you to all who made it to this point.

Until next week,


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