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1-2-3: Mastering the 'How' in Collaboration

1 Idea, 2 Resources, And 3 Collaborators For This Week.

Happy Saturday!

As I unpack what ‘Collaborative Growth’ truly is and the impact it has on a company’s growth, I’m excited to have you along for feedback and support.

This is a movement of true collaboration and partnership: between individuals and companies, individuals and one another, and of course companies with one another.

Founders leveraging independent go-to-market collaborators (fractionals, creators, advisors, influencers, consultants) will allow companies to grow smarter and more cost-effectively.

It will also give more power to the collaborators to be on an equal playing field with the companies they work with.

Excited to be bringing to you Part III of our series featuring Fractional Collaborator David Maxey.

We are going to be diving into the ‘how’ in Fractional Leadership.

David is somebody I met through RevGenius and RevRoom and have grown incredibly fond of. His ability to collaborate with multiple companies and drive impact is otherworldly.

Let’s dive into today’s issue…

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The Big Idea

Mastering the 'How' of People Management in Collaborative Leadership


Having explored the 'why' and 'what' of fractional leadership, we now turn to the critical 'how.' This part delves into the art of people management – a pivotal element in steering organizations towards success. It's not just about finding a common path but about weaving together diverse approaches for optimal results.

Embracing Diversity in Solutions

Change management is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Fractional leaders understand this, recognizing the power of diverse ideas and solutions. By valuing different perspectives, they foster an environment of creativity and innovation, essential for tackling complex challenges. It's about harmonizing various voices into a symphony of effective strategies.

The Role of Leadership in High-Performing Teams

Another "Maxeyism" defines high-performing teams as those that can sustainably operate at 80-85% efficiency and function independently of their leader for extended periods. Fractional leaders play a crucial role in nurturing such teams. They do this by setting clear expectations, providing resources, and instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility in team members. This empowerment not only drives efficiency but also ensures the team's resilience.

The Art of Disagreement and Commitment

In high-performing teams, disagreement is not only inevitable but also beneficial. Fractional leaders encourage an 'agree to disagree' mindset, focusing on the collective commitment to excellence. It's about balancing diverse opinions with the unified goal of achieving the best possible outcome. This approach fosters a culture of respect, collaboration, and shared commitment.

Ensuring Sustainable Operation Without Direct Leadership

A hallmark of effective fractional leadership is the ability to build teams that thrive independently. This involves training team members to make informed decisions, solve problems, and maintain momentum in the leader's absence. Trust and empowerment are key – it’s about equipping the team with the skills and confidence to sail the ship even when the captain is not on deck.


The 'how' of fractional leadership in people management is multifaceted. It requires a deep understanding of team dynamics, a commitment to fostering diversity in problem-solving, and the ability to empower teams to operate independently. This journey is not about driving consensus but about insisting on excellence and commitment, even in the face of disagreement.

2 Resources

I. Maxey's Change Management Survival Guide

For those seeking a deeper dive into these concepts, David Maxey’s Audible change management book offers extensive insights and strategies; it’s free to Collab readers and RevGenius members. (listen here)

II. Midjourney Leaps into AI Video Creation

The AI image generator MidJourney will begin training its video model in the upcoming days and they expect to release a final product "in a few months”. (read here)

3 Collaborators

I. Amelia Taylor

Amelia is an evangelist, advisor, and creator having worked with and helped grow some great early-stage companies like Sendoso, Aptivio, Regie.ai, and Seamless.ai. (follow her on LinkedIn)

II. Zoë Hartsfield

With over 50k followers and 1.2 million impressions in the last 30 days on LinkedIn, many SaaS brands are collaborating with Zoë to drive growth. By day, she is Sr. Manager of Executive Presence, Evangelism, and Community for Apollo. By night, she has collaborated with some incredible brands such as ClickUp, RepVue, HockeyStack, and Aligned. (follow her on LinkedIn)

III. Vin Matano

Vin creates tons of video content on LinkedIn and TikTok and has worked with both SaaS brands like Aligned and Commsor, and consumer brands like Chevrolet and Digg. (follow him on LinkedIn)

Podcast of the Week

SaaStr + 20VC: Why 2024 Will Be Better, But Only So Much, For SaaS. And A Few Worries. | SaaStr

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