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1-2-3: You NEED to Build a Movement

1 Idea, 2 Posts, 3 Tools For This Week.

Happy Saturday to the 4k+ readers of the Collab!

If you are a Seed to Series A/B Founder or GTM Leader (or those that collaborate with them), this newsletter is written for you.

Here’s today’s 1 Big Idea, 2 LinkedIn Posts, 3 Tools to try.

Let’s dive in.

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The Big Idea

You NEED to Build a Movement

Otherwise you’re just more noise.

We are at a time where attention is the most important currency in B2B.

People are shouting from the rooftops to try to get yours. 

Click bait social posts, Linkedin takeovers, Strategic Advisor Announcements, pods, automation to juice up engagement, and so many more tactics all are being done at high volumes.

Sure some of these tactics work, but only to an extent. 

And at a cost of your brand being lost in the creation of even more noise.

I call them PR pops because that’s what they are - pops of engagement that quickly die down as fast as they are built up.

Add in the mass amounts of outbound sales clogging your buyers’ inboxes from 10x more companies than there were just a few years ago.

You see so many brands being seen and gaining name recognition with very few people knowing what they actually do and the problems they actually solve.

That’s why today it’s more important than ever to build a movement to stand out long term, have people know how you’re helping them solve their problems, and understand how to connect your SaaS with their needs when the time is right. 

But how?

Simply put, you need to evangelize the problem. And then build community to support the movement in working towards solving it.

No community = no movement.

Here are some of my favorite examples of B2B movements being built right now:

GTM Partners evangelizes the fact that if you have revenue problems (not hitting your numbers), you don’t have a Sales, Marketing, CS, or Ops problem, you have a Go-To-Market Problem. They create tons of free content around this and do free road shows for senior leaders with speakers on this topic. 

Product: Their advisory services help you solve your GTM challenges.

Community: They’ve built a community of GTM leaders hungry for these events to happen because of how much they help them do their jobs better.

Hockeystack evangelizes how important, yet difficult attribution is for Marketing Leaders. They have created Hockeystack Labs to show loads of data points to create B2B benchmarks readily available to GTM teams which previously they did not have. 

Product: Their SaaS product helps solve for the gap in attribution to help you understand what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing efforts.

Community: They’ve built a community of marketers hungry for these reports to drop because of how much value they provide. They share on social media and tell the company what they want to read about next. They see the need to buy the product because they want to know their own benchmarks to solve their own challenges.

AudiencePlus is evangelizing the challenge of what will happen by producing all your content on social media channels and not owning your audience (the algorithm could shift and your business gone). They’ve put together killer content and a special conference to build a place for B2B Content Marketers and Creators alike to build their own (owned) content that slaps.

Product: Their product makes it easy for marketers to not just build content on their own platforms but also know specifically who’s engaging with it and when.

Community: Their event helped build a community of marketers that everyone wants to be a part of and is growing quickly. They want to be tied to the brand because they connect with being a creator and not wanting to lose leverage by only being on social.

RevGenius recently started to evangelize the challenge both buyers and sellers are having around sales fatigue. It’s harder than ever to get in the door of a prospect as a company. As a buyer, it’s hard to buy - the process is clunky and noisy. 

They have tied this in with the difficulty of young brands being seen with their Next 50 ongoing campaigns - the Next 50 GTM startups dropping May 30th shines a light on the top emerging talent that may not be easily spotted like bigger brands.

Product: Demo Day which dropped in mid-May made it simple for buyers to sit through a couple handfuls of demos without clunky qualification or noisy outbound from the brands.

Community: We’re building a micro-community within RevGenius (45k members) of founders and GTM leaders that want simplicity in the buying process and to discover emerging brands. People are supporting it on social media and sharing our posts without us asking. 

What problem(s) are you evangelizing at the core of your movement?

2 Posts

I. Who’s Next?

II. Avengers assemble! (remember: no community = no movement)

3 Tools

I. Letterdrop

Understand what content is driving revenue. Create and distribute more of it to in-market buyers through your sellers and website. Check it out.

II. UserGems

Boost pipeline and reduce churn by monitoring job change signals of your most valuable buyers and automating the next steps. Check it out.

III. Commsor

Turn your network’s network into your number 1 revenue channel. Find and close deals faster by organizing and activating your company’s network of employees, partners, investors, advisors, and more. Check it out.

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